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Every BLAZE starts with an initial spark.


BAC Youth Football wants to provide the opportunity to cultivate an inner personal fire for your young athlete to carry for all situations in life, football related and beyond.


For most people, football is just a game. Not in B’ville. Football will provide our children a chance to:


  • Meet new people
  • Form strong bonds with teammates 
  • Gain the trust of others through individual actions
  • Push themselves physically
  • Overcome adversity
  • Consistently show up and be counted through personal leadership
  • Communicate effectively in the given situation
  • Exercise humility
  • Understand the whole is greater than the sum of its parts


The above is how you fuel a fire which burns hot after you turn in your helmet. A fire which burns bright into adulthood. You can’t prepare for kids for every situation in life. However, BAC Youth Football can prepare our players to break down and tackle anything life hands the ball to in the future.


Process over result. It’s a simple equation. Do things the right way ... over and over, again and again .... and the result will take care of itself.


Quality in, Quality out. #QiQo